IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

This module is included in the FreePBX distribution without any cost, it allows callers to interact with FreePBX via their telephone key pads, IVR’s are a menu system.

We’ve all interacted with an IVR, when you call company ABC you are greeted with a recording “Thank you for calling ABC your call is important to us, for Accounts Dial “1”, For Sales Dial “2”, For our Address dial “3”, for our business hours dial “4”

In the above case options 1 and 2 could go to a group of phones associated to accounts and sales respectively, options 3 and 4 would go to a prerecorded announcement, if the caller doesnt dial a digit or dials a digit not optioned above decisions can be made how to route the call, you could also configure an option 9, that isn’t referenced in the recording to send callers who know this option to the warehouse manager.

The IVR module requires the System Recordings module to upload or record the menu greetings/messages

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