What is FreePBX ?

What is FreePBX ?

FreePBX is a asterisk based telephone system that provides a front end to the configuration of the asterisk conf files. This is what makes it simple to configure, giving way to setup complex asterisk configurations.

It is installed primarily from an ISO image file that will use a donor PC/Server and install the CentOS operating system, asterisk and the FreePBX platform. Installation can be on a old PC/Server, new PC/Server or on any Virtualization platform that supports CentOS.

FreePBX is a VoIP SIP based PBX, all that is required is a reliable internet connection and a VoIP provider. but if physical hardware is used other older technologies can be added like PSTN/ISDN, if a virtual platform is utilized additional hardware can be utilized for PSTN/ISDN, but these types of services are being phased out in Australia.

As the name suggests the cost of the basic platform is free of costs, however there are many additional modules that require a license from the platform maintainer Sangoma, and other suppliers. These Commercial modules as they are known extend the basic functionality to support solutions for most business cases.

Some of the included GPL (General Public License) modules (free) are listed below, provide most of the features business require.

We will talk about how these modules can be put together to create quite complex solutions in later blogs.

If you have a FreePBX platform that needs support or would like to know more please contact us

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