Time Conditions / Calendar

Time Conditions / Calendar

These modules are included in the FreePBX distribution without any cost, These modules are used to add advanced time based call conditions to call routing.

The Time Conditions module can be configured with a business’s opening hours within a specific time zone eg. Australia/Sydney and calls within these hours are routed to employees, outside these hours routed to voicemail or another destination.

With the Calendar module we can create a calendar based on Australia/NSW public holidays and preconfigure holidays, an incoming call checks the calendar, if its a public holiday (Australia Day) the call can be sent to the after hours destination (eg. Voicemail)

With the calendar and time conditions configured together you can route calls based on public holiday and the day of the week and hours/minutes within a time zone.

This isn’t limited to a single time zone, multiple time zones can be configured to accommodate multiple offices in different locations and time zones, as well as multiple calendars.

A complex Time Conditions/Calendar configuration in FreePBX could be configured to extend support hours, begin answering support calls in the Sydney/Melbourne Office, moving to the Brisbane/Adelaide Office, then finishing in Perth Office.

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