Ring Groups / Queues

Ring Groups / Queues

These modules are included in the FreePBX distribution without any cost, Ring Groups and Queues are used to route inbound calls to a group of phones.

Ring Groups are used when there are relatively low volume of calls and many phones (extensions) available to answer calls, ring groups can be setup to ring all phones simultaneously, or in patterns hunt or circular

Queues are used when there are large volumes of calls and fewer extensions (agents) available to answer calls, queues can answer a call, play an announcement, put a caller on hold waiting for a free agent to take the call, queues can if configured to, periodically play an announcement and tell the caller their position in the queue and estimated wait time. when an agent is available the call will be sent to the free agent. Agents can be members of a single queue or multiple queues, the agent can be prompted when receiving a call from a queue as to which queue the call originated from.

So from our IVR example “Thank you for calling ABC your call is important to us, for Accounts Dial “1”, For Sales Dial “2”, for our Address dial “3”, for our business hours dial “4”, when a caller dials 1 we can send the call to a ring group Accounts with 3 extensions all ringing simultaneously, When the caller dials 2 the call can be sent to a call queue Sales and the next available agent will handle the call

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